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Home > Products > Top Fill Products > 7000T Ultra Precision Net-Weight System

Top Fill Direct: 7000T Ultra Precision Net-Weight System

- Fill Syringes, Vials, Bottles with 0.0001mg resolution
- Record every dispense

7000T Ultra Precision Net-Weight System

Net-Weight, Vibratory, Top-Fill Dispense System

The 7000T Ultra Precision Net-Weight System uses a linear vibratory unit to accurately dispense powder material. It has a simple programmable control unit that can set target weight and tolerance to feed a targeted increment of material. This system is intended to support a manual operation by automatically dispensing preset weights of material into containers. The system includes the following:

  • Extreme Precision – Mettler-Toledo Weigh Module 0.1mg/0.01mg resolution
  • Fills from 1mg – 50 gram
  • Up to 200 fills per hour
  • Powder Feed accessories customized to your

The FillPro Package contains:

  • 7000T Controller with Operator Interface
  • Feeder with Vibratory Drive
  • Material Supply Hopper
  • Adjustable feeder stand
  • Precision Balance – Mettler-Toledo WXS Module
  • Foot Switch for hands free starts
  • Printer Output
  • Operation & Instruction Manual

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