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Top Fill Direct: Precision Powder Filling Equipment

FillPro is the leader in manufacturing precision net-weight powder dispensing/filling, dosing and volumetric equipment for all avenues of the manufacturing industry. We can create a custom solution for virtually any application, automated or manual, using the FillPro 7000 series weighing and filling machines.

Click on the below links for more info about the following Top Fill Products:

1100 Time-Based Feeder System

1100 Time-Based Feeder System

FillPro T - Net-Weight System FillPro T - Net-Weight System
7000T Ultra Precision, Net-Weight System 7000T Ultra Precision, Net-Weight System
7000T Net-Weight System 7000T Net-Weight System
7000T Jumbo Net-Weight System 7000T Jumbo Net-Weight System

The following outline summarizes the operation of our Top Fill Product line:

  1. The filling system directs programmed amounts of material into a container placed on top of a balance and signals (visual & audible) the operator to accept or reject each fill.

  2. The Top Fill System automatically tares out the weight of each container.

  3. The Controller interfaces with a precision electronic balance and controls a feeder to dispense exact repetitive measurements of a material in each container.

  4. The system provides a digital display of the exact fill weight and stores data for the net-weight of each fill.

  5. Fill data can be exported to a printer or other device.

  6. The Weigh Fill controller can store virtually an unlimited number of different fill setups to facilitate fast changeover from one material to another

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