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7000 and 7300 Scale Certification

With each new system the scale(s) are certified to be accurate over the useable range of operation. Xigent recommends that each scale be re-certified annually to ensure that the fill process remains accurate and under control. Many quality standards require yearly certification of measuring instruments that are depended upon for the high quality of dispensing operations.

Xigent offers a re-certification service for both 7000 and 7300 Scales. A quick turn-around of 2-3 days plus shipping is achievable. If you do not have the special packaging that you received with your Scale, Xigent will send a new package. This package is designed specifically for your 7300 Scale to ensure the safe transport of these delicate instruments. Instructions for handling precautions and packaging for shipment will be sent to you for your reference.

In the case that your production schedule cannot accommodate the re-certification turn-around time, Xigent can provide a temporary replacement Scale for your use during the recertification process.

Xigent recommends that each user facility have a spare Scale for such use as well as a safe guard in case of critical failure.