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Preweigh & Dispense: Precision Powder Filling Equipment

  • Fills from 25mg - 5kg
  • 1 - 4 Fill Heads
  • Up to 800 fills per hour per dispensing head
  • Specializes in Hazardous Material Dispensing – Class II, Div. 1
  • Filling systems are customized to your requirements
7000D Single Head System 7000D Single Head System
7000D Multi-Head System (up to 4) 7000D Multi-Head System (up to 4)
7000D Jumbo System (Single or Dual Head) 7000D Jumbo System (Single or Dual Head)

The following outline summarizes the operation of our Preweigh & Dispense Product line:

  1. A container is manually or automatically placed into the feed position under the tilt/reject funnel.
  2. The system meters the material into the weigh/dump pan. The pan is suspended from the weigh sensor(s). The pre-weighed charge is directed into the funnel.
  3. Any out-of-tolerance charges are diverted to a reject container, so that only in-tolerance charges are delivered to the container.
  4. The weight sensor/weigh/dump pan is tared and the value compared for a tare validity test. This test assures complete delivery of the powder out of the dump pan.
  5. The FillPro 7000 Controller monitors the system operation, stores the fill data, plots histograms and analyzes the statistical results.

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