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FillPro EDGE

The FillPro EDGE Windows 10+ PRO system controller is SQL Database enabled and secure.
All fill process data is maintained, accessible, and protected. This includes:

  • HMI & Process Controller
  • Login Security Levels
  • Fill Setup Data
  • Calibration Data
  • Fill Production Statistics

The fill controller hardware is based on a proprietary electronics control architecture that monitors an HMI defined fill process using multiple "steps" similar in nature to the legacy 7000 fill process. This fill controller interfaces with the Windows HMI computer via RS232, RS422, and RS485 serial communication protocols.

Due to the proprietary control architecture design the number of fill and scale stations is virtually unlimited. Pre-weigh, multiple dispense stations, and post-weigh combinations in any imaginable configuration are possible.

FillPro EDGE, in addition to being a precision dispense fill controller, is capable of monitoring and controlling automation devises through the IO interface. FillPro EDGE is a fully capable automation controller for standalone control or integration into a larger control environment.

See the accompanying data sheets for much more in depth information on the new FillPro EDGE controller.

   FillPro EDGE Features and Capabilities Data Sheet (PDF)

Windows EDGE Upgrades for DOS 7000 Systems

Xigent will quote, upon request, an upgrade package for a legacy DOS 7000 system to the new Windows
EDGE controller. This is typically a controller replacement and a scale circuit board upgrade for the 7300 Scale(s). All of the "flow path" mechanical components may be reused. The controller technology upgrade is significant and the control enclosure requires replacement including the wiring to the 7300 Scale(s).