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FillPro Auger Fillers


Fillpro Auger Filler The principle of the auger powder feeder is very basic. The auger feeder comprises five primary components:

1) Hopper containing the powder to be fed.

2) Agitation blade in the hopper to assist powder movement into the flights of the auger – this may not be necessary for free flowing powders.

3) Auger or screw rotating horizontally through the bottom of the hopper.

4) Tube outlet from hopper through which the auger feeds.

5) Servo controlled auger drive.

Method of operation:

The agitation blade above the auger rotates breaking any bridge that tends to form in non-free flowing powders. The agitation blade extends right down to the throat of the funnel preventing rat-holing and cavitation and ensuring that the flights are fully filled.

The auger drive rotates the auger at varying speeds controlled by a feedback loop that communicates with the weight sensor. This method produces a continuous material feed that decreases in rate as the target weight is approached and provides an extremely accurate dispensed weight. Typically, the auger feeder fill has tolerances in the range of + 0.5% to 1% can be expected.

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