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Examples of customized powder filling and dispensing solutions provided by FillPro

7000D 4S w conveyor

Two different materials Preweighed & Dispensed into consumer product containers presented on integrated conveyor system.

Press Load 7000D

Preweigh & Dispense Module for automatically dispensing powder into Press Cavity. Output trough rotates under ram to dispense powder and rotates out of the way for press operation.

7000T XY

Precision Top-Fill Dispense into multi-cavity matrix trays. Feeders are mounted on servo XY positioner and moved to each cavity. Trays are on scales and tared before each fill. Medical/Pharmaceutical powder application.

Jumbo Dual Indexer

Jumbo Preweigh & Dispense of 5 lb. propellant charges for MACS232. Large Supply Hopper to Dual weigh heads. Conveyor presentation of containers. Containers are automatically tared empty and checkweighed after material dispense to verify complete filling.

Bagger System

Dual-Head Preweigh & Dispense System integrated with Pouch Presentation and Seal System. Includes Bulk Material Vacuum Transfer and Final Bag Checkweigh. Medical/Pharmaceutical powder application.


Dual-Head Preweigh & Dispense integrated with Horrizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS). Dispenses two different materials to each bag.

top-fill microdosing dispenser

Top-Fill system with automatic material loading. Minimizes powder migration during supply hopper load. Medical/Pharmaceutical powder application.

7000D 2s w XY

Automatic syringe filling in 100 ct trays. Preweigh & Dispense of two different materials into each syringe. Trays are loaded on servo XY positioner and moved to each syringe position. Medical/Pharmaceutical powder application.