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About Us

One of the manufacturers of machines that control the flow and rate of packaging is right here in the USA. FillPro is a leader in precision, net-weight powder dispensing/filling, dosing and volumetric equipment.

FillPro can customize a filling solution for your application.

FILLPRO builds and supports machines that help producers of dry bulk, powder and granular material pack accurately, eliminate product loss, avoid product contamination and dispense the desired amount of powder material to the right bag, pouch, container or cavity. These bulk powder handling machines can fill with precision even hazardous material as well as provide 'bulk material vacuum transfer' which is ideal for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. FillPro is capable of supporting your existing installed base of Hierath and Summit MB weighing equipment with service, training, spare parts and repairs.

The packaging of powder dry bulk materials is very important in the construction, medical and pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

FillPro manufactures and sells automated weighing and filling solutions for commercial applications, including the FillPro 7000 series product lines.

The FILLPRO weigh filling machines are capable of tackling various challenges like sticky and moist powder, corrosive and combustible material, various weigh requirements, as well as high filling production requirements. The dispensed dry bulk powder gets accurately recorded and output to a PC using a serial port interface (RS232).

The FILLPRO volumetric machines can also weigh and fill cavities and syringes.

When precise weight control is critical to your operation, get complete weighing and filling solutions that are precise, fast, flexible and reliable from FillPro.